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Grupo Yanqui Rides Again

Miles High Records - 2008

It features a new crop of inventive, dynamic, Latin and world-jazz compositions by Gregory Ryan and Bennett Paster, as well as two jazz standards, re-imagined through the Grupo's rhythmic lens.

Both of our albums are for sale right here in two formats. You can buy a CD or download high quality, unprotected MP3s from the web store.

  1. Tones for Joan�s Bones  (C. Corea) 7:03  LISTEN
  2. The Unabonger  (Paster) 7:35  LISTEN
  3. The Chick from Panama  (Ryan) 8:16  LISTEN
  4. If Woody Had Gone Straight to the Police... (Ryan) 5:08  LISTEN
  5. El Vaquero Numero Cinco  (Paster) 7:35  LISTEN
  6. The Kid from Albuquerque  (Paster) 6:25  LISTEN
  7. Chelsea Bridge  (B. Strayhorn) 5:57  LISTEN
  8. PoMoAfroMoFoJo Intro  (Ryan) 1:23  LISTEN
  9. PoMoAfroMoFoJo  (Ryan) 7:56  LISTEN


Bennett Paster- Piano
Gregory Ryan- Acoustic and electric bass
Alex Norris- trumpet and flugelhorn
Chris Cheek- Tenor and alto saxophones
Keith Hall- Drums
Gilad- Percussion

Produced by Bennett Paster and Gregory Ryan
Recorded May 17 & 18, 2006 at Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ by Brian Dozoretz
Mixed Spring 2007 at Benny�s Wash & Dry, Brooklyn NY by Bennett Paster and Gregory Ryan
Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Music Studios, NYC, July 2007

Grupo Yanqui


Our eponymously titled debut CD was released in 2001 and it has received rave critical reviews. It features original Latin jazz compositions and our arrangements of an American songbook favorite and a classsic Cuban mambo.

"Involved arrangements, passionate solos, and vigorous, spontaneous interplay, all with a melodic and cosmopolitan Latin funk touch. Highly recommended." ****(out of a possible 5)
- David R. Adler at

All of our albums are for sale right here in two formats. You can buy a CD or download our music from the iTunes Music Store.

  1. Miller Time (Ryan)
  2. Mona Se Queda (Paster)
  3. How Are Things in Gloccamora? (Harburg/Lane; arr.:Paster/ Terry)
  4. Elna (Paster)  LISTEN
  5. Storytime (Ryan)
  6. Fantasy (Paster)  LISTEN
  7. Tema para Yosvany (Paster)
  8. May Eye (Ryan)
  9. Que Venga el Dia (Paster)
  10. Oaktown Morning Blues (Paster)
  11. Cactus Mambo (Bebo Valdes) LISTEN

Bennett Paster - Steinway B Piano
Gregory Ryan - Acoustic and Fender Basses
Rob Garcia - Drums
Yosvany Terry Cabrera - alto and soprano saxophones (1,2,3,7,9), chekere (9)
Chris Cheek - tenor and soprano saxophones (4,5,8,10,11)
Dafnis Prieto - percussion (1,2,3,7,9)
Gilad - percussion (2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11)

Produced in Brooklyn by Bennett Paster and Gregory Ryan
Recorded April 4-5, 2000 at
Mixed August 14-16, 2000 at
Mastered by Scott Hull at Classic Sound, NYC